you need me, you burn me, you'll burn me.

This poison comes instruction free.

16 February
"Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart;
of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants.
The way it stops and starts."

notlupus is the kris to my adam

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫


Yesterday's gone
Tomorrow's here
Can't turn back now
I won't quit

I still love you
I swear
I always will

My name is Bonnie.
I ♥ Super Junior and Adam Lambert. :3

EunHae. JongKey. HoMin.
HEROES. Degrassi. The Vampire Diaries. Oz. Lost. Dexter. Misfits. True Blood. Torchwood. Skins. Being Human. Glee. Gossip Girl. Modern Family. Beautiful People. Desperate Housewives. Southland.
Imaginary Heroes, Shelter, Mr. Right, Milk, Brokeback Mountain, Sugar, Let The Right One In, Star Trek, Latter Days, Luster, Donnie Darko, Y Tu Mamá También, Hot Rod, The Mudge Boy, My Own Private Idaho, Pineapple Express, The Air I Breathe, Alpha Dog, Old Boy, Watchmen, Twilight.

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